Reverend Rafferty (normanrafferty) wrote,
Reverend Rafferty

What does perfection look like?

I've railed against gaming journalism since at least 1999. Game reviews have only gotten sillier, with a "5 star" system not offering enough objective gradiation, so it's now  fractions like "9.75 out of 10." (Reviewing to three significant digits?)

So God bless Toby Fox. Here are the review quotes he uses, for the Steam page selling Undertale, to show us what 100% perfection looks like.

“The puzzles aren't particularly impressive.”
10/10 – Destructoid

“I have a couple of issues with the user interface.”
10/10 – PCInvasion

“If there’s a criticism to be had, it’s that sometimes Toby Fox doesn’t know when to let a joke go.”
10/10 – The Jimquisition

I have a new hero. ^.^
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