Reverend Rafferty (normanrafferty) wrote,
Reverend Rafferty

Meanwhile, in the id....

'One very unusual activity from October 1998 to October 1999 was some sort of involvement of Streamline Pictures with Margaret Kerry and her adult son, Eric Norquist. Kerry had been the Disney studio rotoscope model for Tinker Bell during its production of Peter Pan around 1951-1952. She was also the voice of one of the mermaids in Neverland. Later in the ‘50s she was on the staff of Cambria Productions, the animation studio that made the Clutch Cargo, Space Angel, and Captain Fathom TV cartoons. It was her mouth that was photographed speaking the dialogue in Cambria’s patented Synchro-Vox “living lips” system, superimposed over the cartoon characters’ faces. One of Kerry’s colorful stories was, “They strapped me into a chair like an electric chair, with a big head clamp so that my head wouldn’t move while they were filming my mouth reciting the dialogue. I was eight months pregnant at the time, and it wasn’t comfortable! I asked if I shouldn’t remove my lipstick when they were photographing my lips for the he-man male characters like Clutch or Swampy, and they said, ‘Naw! Nobody’ll notice!’”'
-- Fred Patten @ Cartoon Research

So, whose fantasy was "8-months pregnant Tinkerbell immobilized in chair and repeating voices while wearing too much lipstick"?
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